VN771K - Complete H-Bridge driver question

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    Jan 20, 2009

    My project partner and I need a H-bridge driver that can support around 9A and this morning I came across the VN771K, max(36V, 9A, 4$/each).


    I planned to drive by PWM, but here the datasheet doesn't mention that notion at all. Is it because the chip has 4 inputs you have to pulse width modulate in the right order using your own logic to drive the motor and by definition this is not considered PWM or are we missing something here because usually, I think, a PWM is sent on one channel and the directions are defined by a truth table through other channels.

    Also, which signals on the datasheet should I check to define the max pwm frequency each input can handle... if its the case.


    O. Henley

    p.s: Else, we came across the VNH2SP30, max(16V, 30A, 20kHz, 11$/each). Our only problem is the price...