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I am a s. pandey. i am doing post graduation course in vlsi but i am not getting bookks on layout design rules and some other good books on basic knowledge of vlsi design.could i get infomationabout it.


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Yes you can, and the first place you need to go is the library. If you have exhausted the institutions library and found nothing then you need to contact each of your professors and ask if you can borrow a book from their personal collection.

If you think this stuff is freely available on the internet then you're going to spend an enormous amount of time searching through piles an piles of useless worthless crap. You may get lucky.

If you and/or your parents are well to do then you could look on Amazon and start building your library.

It may be a little dated but I would start with Mead and Conway(1980) or the more recent Rabaey, Chandrakasan, and Nikolic(2003)

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I agree with Papabravo that there is no replacement for good books from library. Particularly for VLSI which is not a trivial subject. If that is not available, then you probably could start at this web book. Chapter 3 deals with layout specifically.

You could also find and download MOSIS SCMOS design rule. It is a rules document and not a book, but I found that if you sort of know what you are doing, then rules or standards references could be worth a lot more than mediocre books.

If you are interested in having a go at doing a layout, then you could try Magic. For an open source layout program, it is surprisingly capable.


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The course standard book for under/post graduate courses in VLSI Design is CMOS VLSI Design - A Circuits and Systems Perspective by Weste and Harris. This book should be available from your institution library, or you could by it (it is a very good text on all elements of VLSI Circuits and Systems), however I must warn you it is expensive. There is an accompanying website for the textbook here.

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Hi, Mr. Pandey. There are some good book. One book I remember is IC LAYOUT DESIGN by Cristopher Saint and neil saint
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