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    May 13, 2013
    My friend PC had infected by a virus. He told me her sister send a files using her iphone to his gmail account when he downloaded and opened the file the worm spread through the USB's that was pluged in his Laptop all the files was converted to Shortcuts. the strange thing is the computer seems not infected because the files in the laptop didn't change until he scanned and it detects 1000+ of worms.

    someone said that iphone and mac don't get virus is that true? and how to thoroughly clean and get rid all the virus in
    my friend's computer? he's using MSE and i believe it's not a strong AV
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  2. shteii01

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    Feb 19, 2010
    Macs used to have a very small market share so most people did not bother writing viruses for macs. I am not sure it is true today.
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    Jan 21, 2013
    Are you sure it is a virus? It seems unlikely that a virus would bother to do what you are seeing. It could be some kind of synchronization gone wrong or just and accidental drag/drop, etc.
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    Nov 9, 2007
    Try this for starters

    Open the run box
    hold the windows key down and press R

    Type in "MRT"

    Click OK
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    Jul 29, 2010
    What your saying isn't exactly adding up to me at least with the given info, but seems possible.

    I find it kind of odd that his sister used an i phone (Yes apple, linux, android, etc can get viruses there have even been hacks, etc to network routers, switches. ALL software is hackable, vulnerable to something. The main reason for the common belief is market share, and in some cases what the system does.) that replicated through email to his windows system, and infected that and a usb. Am i understanding that corectly?

    I don't know of any specific virus that does this, but you say the files were changing your probably dealing with some sort of a polymorphic virus. These change in order to try to fool the AV programs. Because of this they can be tricky to eliminate, but not as bad as a rootkit.

    Not sure if infected pc is mac or a PC so i can't get real specific.
    This is how i would proceed though:
    You may try a system restore sometimes some basic virus are fixed that simply, but i'd still run AV after just incase.

    I would get a good clean system download something like avast boot usb then put that in and run if running the installed AV isn't helping. you would be pretty surprised sometimes result even with same product from running on the system to a usb. Also try malwarebytesas AV is generally for AV MB will find add ware, spyware, etc.

    you may try a few virus software vendors if one fails. If they all fail, try MS update for malicious software remover, and also check its up to date.

    If all that fails your either stuck living with it or backing up the data and reloading the OS. Generally if i would spend more than 15 min setting up scans, doing restores, etc I'll just pull the hard drive, or find another way to backup the persons data and reload the OS. Time to reload os entire procedure generally 15 min ish, this process i can usually have something back up in 30 min.

    Hope that helps.