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    May 18, 2013
    im struggling on this assignment for virtual test equipment.

    I HAVE to use multisim!

    i have to make an rc filter (1kohm and 1uF) resistor in series and capacitor in parallel.
    i have to use a bode plotter to determine the cutoff frequency. i know the formula for this. then measure the phase change at this frequency. which i don't know how to do. i think i got it right, when using the bode plotter there are two graphs one for dB and one for phase. i think the phase change is 45degrees. then calculate the gain of the circuit using
    Av = Vout/Vin
    i think the answer for this is 2.7 but not sure.
    then i have to construct an amplifier circuit and determine the voltage gain. i know that -RF (negative) over Ri is the gain, then i think i have to multiply the voltage by the gain? i will research this.
    then, measure and record the bandwidth of the amp? not sure about this one. would it be using the bode plotter?
    then, measure and record the spectral content of the output signal. im thinking this is bode plotter again and i would be looking for the harmonics.
    i then have to increase the input voltage from 1v to 2v and repeat the process. then comment on the result
    then, calculate a feedback resistor to give a value of -50, this im guessing is Ri * -50 to get the Rf?
    repeat the measurement process.
    then i have to do the lot again with practical. i have no training with this sort of thing i just have to do it!?!
    this is a little confusing for me. i will do the research but if i could get a little help with the difficult stuff i would appreciate it. thanks
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    Apr 26, 2005
    1. Draw your circuit in multisim.
    2. Connect your test equipment.
    3. Post the screen capture.

    The members will see if everything is connected properly.