Videocolor A59 monitor problems!

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Hey all!!

I have this arcade-monitor, Videocolor A59ECY13X01. The problem is the bright white spot in the
middle of the tube(I'm guessing spot-kill circuit problems?) that keeps popping up,
then disappearing, then popping up etc. (until I turn the set off)

Any idea what the problem could be?




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Can't say, it's pretty much impossible to troubleshoot remotely and based upon very little info (not that it's practical for you to provide more).

There could be a cold solder joint, or some component becoming intermittent. This type problem would most likely be the circuit board.

Do you see that big black thing in the corner with the heavy red wire coming out of it? ...that's the high voltage coil. DON"T TOUCH! For if you don't know how to discharge this properly, you could get on heck of a shock (20-40,000V, like a car ignition coil). Typically when one of these goes bad there is either no picture, or a reduced and squashed picture. But if it's intermittent, you could be getting a flashing syndrome.