Video Playback on LCD or TFT screen

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I'm an artist and my knowledge of electronics is basic.
The question I have is if there is in form of a module a circuit that I can connect to an LCD or TFT screen and playback videos stored on a flash card or USB stick. I thought of buying LCD picture frames and disassemble them but I was wondering if buying LCD or TFT screens and video modules would be cheaper. I leave close to china so I can order them straight from the factories.

I highly appreciate any help.
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This is one of the things it way cheaper to buy than build.

Search ebay for 'multimedia player' - there are masses about, the first one I found works with flash cards & USB, with full video out to connect to a monitor.
It's $38 in Hong Kong;

There are many other complete players with built-in screen like the Archos or some portable DVD units also take memory cards etc.


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In China there are ton's of manufacturers who mass produce DVD player with USB and SD card slots. They export them to India and Gulf. In India we get the whole DVD player at 1200 Indian Rupees which would be equivalent to 28USD. We also get the main module alone for a quarter of the full price which would just need a power supply to function. The DVD boards have excellent clarity, components and S-video output, DivX playback, Jpeg support and 6 channel audio output. Some even have HDMI. It has a good working life too. The same DVD player with the same feature can be found for 3 times the price from Sony and Philips with even more clarity.

Another option would be to buy LCD Tv's with USB if you dont have an LCD till now. Same is with Portable media player (PMP) but they dont offer good quality on bigger screens .