video camera for atmega16

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Hello everybody,

I'm a new member with little background in microcontrollers, so please excuse my ignorance. I need your help to clear some things up before I embark on my project.

In few words, what I'm planning to do is interfacing a small (CMOS or not) video camera, like the C3088, the atmega16 microcontroller and a SD / miniSD card. The functionality I'm expecting is getting low fps low resolution color video files on the SD card. However, I would like the FPS to be above 10 and the resolution to be more than 120 x 100.

And now, the questions:

0. Is this feasible?
1. Is the C3088 a VIDEO camera, or just a camera that can take snapshots? From what I've gathered, it can do video as well, but I'm not 100% sure.
2. Is there a better / simpler video camera I should look at?
3. Since I'm not doing any image processing, just transferring, is the atmega16 up to the job? I'm quite tied to it.
4. Is there another way to go about it? Something like getting a camera with a designated microcontroller and then just interface that to the atmega16?