Vias, Thermal Vias and footprint clearance

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Hello Friends,

I am pretty new at designing PCB.
I need your help with 3 main questions:
1. I want to connect 2 pads through Vias, those pads are connected to polygon, do I need to connect the vias to the pads too? Or is it enough to connect it to a polygon?

2. I need to add some thermal vias under my buck convertor, as shown here:
There is any differences between normal via to thermal via? (except of the dimensions)
I tried to find some explanation in the internet how to set the dimensions and the characterize, but I didnt find something helpful, can you direct me for good source please?

3. I follow after some clearance rules, that said I need to keep clearance of 0.3mm at least between routes, pads, components and etc...
I am using downloaded footprint from "3D - content central", but it signifies me of 50+ errors of clearance like this:
Can I change the footprint? or do I need to change the rules?
Where can I find the accepted rules? (clearance, routes, vias etc.)

Thank you very much!