Via 4297 ESD. A soldering Workstation

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Project Beginning

Do not reply to this please as work is in progress.

This Station is designed with specific things in mind.
It hold two identical Soldering guns together with a hot air gun for surface mount soldering works.

The Iron's are readily available on ebay.
Please note that the iron is model 900 as indicated but the ones I had were 926 and the pencil is hakko 903 shown below

In order to renew the parts and heater, the pencil is taken apart. The two pencils I will be using are these ones. The Tip is a standard hakko one available on ebay too.

A note on heater...

there are two types of pencil. One with a
Ω Heater with a 50Ω PTC thermistor @ 26°C" which is the one I am using and the Hakko 900 which has the same heater but a much lower resistance thermistor. Use the later in this circuit which I will be showing, and you will end up with a melted pencil. Period.

The iron handles a variety of tips from very fine tips to spade tips.
The temperature of both iron can be adjusted individually.

The Heater is a standard 24VAC 50W Ceramic heater with a in built PTC.
Heater can dissipated a maximum of 50W and operates on 24VAC.

The hot gun used was taken from my broken station

On the top of my desoldering station is the retched one I regret buying.
And now it is getting overhauled.

The Hot Gun Assy is shown below.

I will be doing further test on it will post the results after posting some more detail of the rest of the components.

Stay glued

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