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    Apr 16, 2009
    hii everyone.I got the following question as assignment but am not able to understand it fully...
    " Design a D-FF using 4:1 Mux as an internal block used for constructing NOR gate, Using structural VHDL code"
    Please give an idea how mux could be used for constructing D-ff...and what the question is referring about the NOR gate....
  2. Thav


    Oct 13, 2009
    I sounds like they want you to set up a MUX so that it would act like a NOR gate. The way you do this I think is to set the inputs of the "NOR" gate to the select bits of the MUX, and then set the other inputs (A0-A3) of the MUX basically to the truth table of a NOR gate.

    S0 S1 Y
    0 0 A0
    0 1 A1
    1 0 A2
    1 1 A3
    Does that make sense?

    I don't have enough experience with structural VHDL code to tell you more, but I'm guessing you'll have to use some clock'event structures. I just can't tell you which.
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