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In my project I am connencting the o/p of a photodiode(VTP1232f) to the opamp(AD549j) to convert the o/p of photodiode(which is current) to voltage.

Here i want to know about

1.Will there be any loading effect on photodiode by opamp?how to find this?

2.In datasheet of AD549j it is given that ,it draws 0.7 mA of supply current .
my question is what is the supply voltage he assumed and what happends if i change the supply voltage?Will that 0.7 mA changes or not?if changes then how to calculate it?

I will be very happy by knowing these answers..thank u...


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700 microamps sounds like idling current. Look closely at the data sheet, and the conditions for that current should be stated (the Vcc). Why worry about idling current?