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I've been writing software for the better part of a decade, with most of it being so-called "low level" programming. However, I've been trying to get into electronics long before I began programming, though the ideas behind it were just too unclear. (In programming, I was able to see very logical reasons behind everything. It all made sense almost immediately. Not so with electricity.) As much as I tried, I was unable to understand the basics because every book and tutor I've had have always left out the minute details; you know, the ones that they take for granted.

Anyhow, I have begun reading Volume I - DC, at 4 pages into it. This is by far the best source of information of electronics that I have come across. Not only does the first volume start off with the fundamental theory that ACTUALLY matters, but it goes into an incredible amount of detail while keeping the ideas very easy to comprehend. With a little history in the mix, I suppose you can't go wrong! A lot of what I had been taught previously now makes perfect sense. It should be noted that I may have to force myself to "unlearn" some of this previous information, just to start anew.
I am very excited to continue learning. Now that I have found the ultimate resource, I will finally manage to get somewhere in basic electronics.

Many, many thanks to Mr. Tony R. Kuphaldt and all of the contributors! You have compiled a truly wonderful and inspirational work.
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I couldn't phrase it better. Tony, you wrote an outstanding e-book, comprehensive and comprehendible—exactly what I was looking for!


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Unlike all of the books i have taken out, this resource starts at the very beginning and works all the way through relevant details! Thanks so much, if i pass my electronics module it will be totally thanks to you! I can't tell you how appreciative I am.