Very minor typo in Electrons and ``holes''

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    'Pure semiconductors, by themselves, are not particularly usefully.'

    Should be:

    'Pure semiconductors, by themselves, are not particularly useful.'

    I'm sure this isn't what you want in terms of help in proofreading, but this subject fundamentally over my head. OTOH, it's very interesting.

    So far this beats all of the basic electricity/electronics books I've seen. Using complex numbers to calculate impedance makes it much easier to understand.

    This post is more about saying thank you very much than anything else.
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    Nov 17, 2003
    Thanks for the correction, ref. bottom of

    This is definitely the kind of proofreading we are looking for; others will provide technical proofreading but this is a communal effort.

    Glad to hear you are benefiting from the e-book, I hope it serves you well through your studies or hobbies. Feel free to sign up to forums and contribute.

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    Thanks for the corrections. This is exactly what we are looking for in proofreading help. And that help is much appreciated. All users are encouraged to keep the correction coming.

    Corrections have been entered at ibiblio