Very low voltage noise generator

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    Sep 13, 2011
    I am figuring out a way to generate a 1Hz 0.01V pulse to inject a little noise into a 1V supply.

    History: The 1V is being sent to the computer in my car's engine control computer by an aftermarket fuel mapping modifier. After several minutes at cruising speed it throws an error code. I put a datalogger on the appropriate signals and found that the 1Hz datalogger kept the code from being thrown, probably due to "interacting with the observed via observation" (the input signal varies a little as the computer expects).

    I have designed and built it with a 12VDC->1.5VDC voltage regulator powering the motor drive circuit of a cheap quartz clock, and then sending the stepper motor output to a voltage divider to give me about 0.01V pulses. It works like this but it's hardly robust and is certainly not elegant.

    Anybody here know a better way, preferably one that can be potted to live better under the hood? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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