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    Jan 13, 2011

    I suspect that the solder joints of the vertical deflection IC in my television are dry and/or have broken because a bright line is displayed on my television when turned on. I will try to re-solder the connection. Does anyone have an idea as to what the IC's number is. An online resource has informed me that it is IC451. Is this correct for all televisions?

    I have a Samsung television manufactured in 1999.
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    Hi nDever!
    If you are having single horizontal line, this could be due to following
    1) Bad vertical deflection IC or transistor
    2) Bad Connection to deflection yoke or some parts in vertical out put
    circuit. Check for PCB hair line cracks around the pins of components
    such as transformers, power transistors, resistors, connectors etc. Remove
    and insert all connectors specially deflection yoke connector and nearby
    its pins.
    3) Bad service mode switch or its connections.
    4) Check other suspicious components of vertical deflection circuit.
    5) Loss of power to vertical deflection circuit due to fusible resistors,
    fuses or bad connectors.
    6) Loss of vertical oscillator or vertical drive
    If you are having single horizontal line, first of all reduce brightness to a
    minimum either by normal brightness control pot or by screen(g2) pots to
    prevent the CRT.
    To, locate the components, first find out the model no. of your TV, then
    go to the following site and type model no. in the search and then
    download the schematic diagram or if you are lucky, the service manual
    of your TV :
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    Jan 13, 2011
    I found the correct chip and re-soldered its joint; TV works correctly now. Thanks for the datasheets. It didn't match all of the numbers exactly, but it was at least LA78xx.