Version control: important software indeed

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I recently took the opportunity to look around the landscape for an open source revision control tool to replace the outmoded RCS tool I've been using. I stuck some notes/thoughts on the topic into a document.

If you want to keep track of the different versions of your files (text files or binary files), you'll want to start using a revision control tool.


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I remember coming across Bush's paper years ago (I've got a copy of it somewhere on my computer) and I was awed by the scope of his vision. While the implementation technology is a bit laughable by today's standards, it was a brilliant piece of work.

beenthere, you've been so helpful that I'd like to return the favor. If you like, I can help you organize your stuff with a VCS system so that it's easy to get to whatever version you like. PM me if interested -- and, if we come up with anything useful, we can post it here as an adjunct.


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Thanks for that offer. I have few enough such designs that the notebook is actually pretty good. I honed those skills in over 20 years of working with a DOS based CAD program (and those lovely 9 character file names).

If something that could act to better organize that stuff comes to mind, I'll take you up on the offer, though. I would be in the position of going over hundreds of files with similar files names - just in different folders.
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9 character filenames? lucky! I was stuck with the old 8.3 for years.

As for implementing VC, this is something I would have enjoyed 15 years ago.

When dealing with BBS's to communicate with collaborators, and the big gaps of time between updates, things got a little out of hand.