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I am trying to model a block and am writing behavioural verilog. I am using Icarus Verilog v0.9 to compile but i keep getting syntax error on line 43:

Any idea why this is? This seems like a legitimate line of code to me

Rich (BB code):
`timescale 1ps/1ps

module unb_bfm (iUNB_ENABLE,

input iUNB_ENABLE;
input iREFCLK;
output [1:0] oDB_DATA;
output oDB_CLK;
output oDB_VALID;

reg db_clk;
reg db_data_valid;
reg [1:0] db_data;

//wire m_value;
//wire n_value;
reg count_done;
reg count_m_done;
reg count_n_done;
reg db_clk_trigger;
reg db_data_trigger;
integer i;

parameter HALF_PERIOD = 667; // Approximately 750 MHz
parameter M_VALUE = 2;
parameter N_VALUE = 2;

initial begin
    db_clk = 1'b0;
    db_data_valid = 1'b0;
    db_data = 2'b00;
    count_done = 1'b0;
    count_m_done = 1'b0;
    count_n_done = 1'b0;
    db_clk_trigger = 1'b0;
    db_data_trigger = 1'b0;

while (iUNB_ENABLE==1) begin  // <--------- this is line 43.
    db_clk_trigger = 1'b1;
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This seems pretty strange to me. Looks like this code is written for a testbench... but you don't have any UUT and your TB has ports (which I can't imagine a reason for).

If you didn't intend this to be a testbench, you need to re-think this. It is not synthesizable. I get the sense there is more to this code than you are showing. Also, please use the 'code' tags.

As kubeek said, seeing the exact error message would help


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You can only use structures like "while" "for", etc in a sequential block. You need to define an "always @" and then use a clock in the sensitivity list or else a wait statement inside the sequential block. Look up the definition of "always @" and read on sequential blocks. You may also use "initial" for code that executes only once.