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I would consider myself a novice in verilog. So here is the code that my teacher gave us for an unsigned multiplier, but I can't seem to get an output from it. Can anyone help? I wrote a testbench to test different inputs and get nothing for the output. I am trying to instantiate this in a 5x5 signed multiplier for the project, but his code isn't working. Here's the code:

Rich (BB code):
module mult4x4(clk, st, mplier, mcand, prod, done);
    input clk;
    input st;
    input [3:0] mplier, mcand;
    output [8:0] prod; //added
    output done;
   reg done;
   reg [3:0] pstate,nstate;
   reg [8:0] prod;
   parameter s0=4'b0000, s1=4'b0001, s2=4'b0010, s3=4'b0011;
   parameter s4=4'b0100, s5=4'b0101, s6=4'b0110, s7=4'b0111;
   parameter s8=4'b1000, s9=4'b1001;
    reg [8:0] ACC; //accumulator
    //reg M=ACC[0]; //M is bit 0 of ACC; could use 'define
    wire M;
    assign M = ACC[0];
    always @(posedge clk or posedge st)
       if (st) pstate = s0;
       else pstate = nstate;
    always @(pstate) //state transition
        case (pstate)
          s0: if(st) nstate = s1;
          s1: if (M) nstate = s2; else nstate = s3;
          s2: nstate = s3;
          s3: if (M) nstate = s4; else nstate = s5;
          s4: nstate = s5;
          s5: if (M) nstate = s6; else nstate = s7;
          s6: nstate = s7;
          s7: if (M) nstate = s8; else nstate = s9;
          s8: nstate = s9;
          s9: nstate = s0;
     always @(pstate) //Output (Action)
        case (pstate)
         s0: begin
              ACC[8:4] = 5'b00000;
              ACC[3:0] = mplier;
         s1: ACC[8:4] = {1'b0, ACC[7:4]} + {1'b0, mcand};
         s2: ACC = {1'b0, ACC[8:1]};
         s3: ACC[8:4] = {1'b0, ACC[7:4]} + {1'b0, mcand};
         s4: ACC = {1'b0, ACC[8:1]};
         s5: ACC[8:4] = {1'b0, ACC[7:4]} + {1'b0, mcand};
         s6: ACC = {1'b0, ACC[8:1]};
         s7: ACC[8:4] = {1'b0, ACC[7:4]} + {1'b0, mcand};
         s8: ACC = {1'b0, ACC[8:1]};
         s9: begin
              done = 1'b1;
              prod = ACC;
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Hello and weclome to the forums Chippo!

If I may give a word of advice on posting code, can you please use the [ code ] [ /code]tags around your source code? It makes reading source code a little easier for others with formatting included. :)

Thank you!