Verilog Help Shift Registers Using Controller

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Having trouble on how to start about this program:
The circuit asks to utilize a controller with an input called Start/Stop to control the process of data being read through three registers. If the input = 1 then the data processes through the shift register, and if equal to 0, then the process stops.

Data will be processed from:
-4 bit parallel load into shift register 1
-4 bit parallel transfer from register 1 to register 2
-4 bit serial transfer from register 2 to register 3 by shifting left to right
-4 bit serial transfer from register 3 to register 1 by shifting right to left

Assignment Attached. Any help and reference/explanations would be greatly appreciated! Thank You in Advance!




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Have you made a shift register before? If so, did you use behavioral description? If so, why not add an input to enable/disable the shifting functionality?

Once that's done, move on to some of the other registers, then make a controller (i.e. state machine) to co from the flow of data.

In general, though, we won't do your homework for you. You'll have to show what you've done for much more.