verify this simple amplifier circuit!


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With a coupling capacitor on the input, it is clearly intended for AC signals only.

Most literally, it is powered by 12 volts DC.

What is to vote on?


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That's a simple audio amp for driving a speaker.

As has been pointed out, the caps in the signal flow are a dead giveaway - in addition to the fact that it is a VERY popular circuit AND chip used to drive speakers in various project and commercial applications.


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This must be a semantic problem. The IC is powered by 12 volts DC. To that extent, any circuit using the IC is DC powered.

However, as two of us have pointed out, the IC only processes AC signals. The capacitor on the input ant the other one on the output line show this to be the case.

You must decide how to interpret "works on DC".

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guys what is the reason of employing the capacitors at the input and output.
can it take input from a TDA7000 receiver and amplify because the output of TDA7000 is very low,so please help me guys


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Caps on input & output will pass audio ac only. You don't want any dc voltage getting thru. Being 12v, this chip is used widely in economy auto radios, CD players, etc. For 12v single supply, it's a decent chip. Not audiophile by no means.