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    I love this stuff! But I have more Questions, than answers.
    ex. If you have a 90 degree feed conection to "wire" whith equal loads =both sides.
    As the electrons flow to intersection how many electron are
    'shooting out" do to velocity? I refuse to believe that electron flow hitting a 90, can make a hard turn with out caos- pyhcics still aply? Gravity,ect.Damage or change"interesection.
    So as you merge? I gada know the RF, stuff. and think about disecting the joint to check for? trails in structure, resistance structures actual change in the conductor?
    Please verify electron flow only on the out side of the "wire"? This must be wrong? Right? please leave answere or e-mail answer/exlpanation and support for answere,PLEASE <SNIP>
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    Actually electrons rarely shoot anywhere. You are confusing electron flow with the speed of an electron. Only in something like tubes (aka valves) do electrons go ballistic, otherwise their speed is measured in inches / minute in a piece of wire. The electric field is a different story, it propagates at the speed of light (minus a bit).

    While electrons have mass, it is so small that trying to compare it to the physical world is not a good exercise in logic.

    Even in an antenna no electrons leave the wire, but photons do, due to the interaction of magnetic and electric fields.

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