Velleman MK111 timer HELP!

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Can anyone help please.

I have just brought a Velleman mk 111 timer . There is a on time and a pause time. They are adjustable by 2 pots. I would like to make firstly the on tine more and the delay time more. I have a circut digaram and can email or fax to you, or you can go to Velleman and just type in then manual_mk111.pdf The kit Number is MK111

I would like to make the timer work for the following times
On time up to 1 minute and the off time also up to 1 minute
Also useing a second timer if I cannot get the pots to adjust in the time band
A on time of up to 1 Minnute and a off time ou to 5 Minutes
If this timer is not any good for tist app can you sujest another timer please.
I have Koi fish and the herron is getting them and this is a timer for the scarer, So if anyone can help please reply ASAP.
Molly :)