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I am new to the electronics thing and really can admit I dont know what im talking about. I havnt ever taken on more than a few kits in my time so please bare with me. I am an auto electrician so have a basic knowledge of electrics and electronics. I am trying to make a traction control system to put in a drag car of mine. The theory is I have a speed sensor on the front and rear wheels and when the rear wheels increase over the front wheel speed I need to switch a positive, negative or relay and I can link this back into the engine computer and slightly cut power until wheel speeds become even. I think it should be a pretty simple task. The 2 speed sensors output sine waves. They are identical sensors however different pickup setups and front and rear tires are different diameters. So the inputs need to be adjustable or programmed some how. easiest way would be to drive along at 80 with meters connected to each and adjust a pot or something. The next adjustment I would like would be a way to adjust the sensitivity of the output trigger. basically what differences would be required to in the inputs before the output is triggered.

now the only way I can see to do it is to have a regulator for supply voltage and drop it down to 9vdc? then run 2 separate frequency to voltage convertors with output adjustments via a pot? then i need something to measure the difference in the voltages before triggering my output.
dont know if im anywhere near the rite track so im here for someone to let me know.

if someone could draw me a circuit or point me in the rite direction or any help would be great.
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I would not measure speed of the wheels. Since the sensors send out sine waves I would take advantage of that. I would look at the phase difference between the front and rear wheels and this would give a much earlier indication that you have lost traction. This way the control system can respond much more quickly.

Of course, this requires more than just giving you a simple circuit. You need an experienced electronics engineer or technician to work with you hands on. This is too complex to cover properly on an online forum.
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