-ve voltage from +ve souce

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Can I get -15V by reversing the polarity of +15V single power supply, as by connecting in reverse manner, MM reads -15V ?


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You can get -15V by swapping leads, but NOT IN THE SAME CIRCUIT. The way to get -15 and +15 is to connect two 15V batteries in series, use the negative of the lower battery as -15V, the center as ground and the + of the upper 15V battery as +15V

If you need both +15V and -15V from AC, usually a center tap transformer is used, with center tap as ground.

If you need -15VDC from +15VDC (±15VDC at the same time), you can get a DC-DC converter, which is a switching power supply. There are many pre-built supplies out there.

How much current do you need at +15V and -15V?


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See if they are isolated, e.g. if the negative sides are common to each other when plugged in and on (use a voltmeter first).

If they ARE isolated outputs, you could run them in series, but I'm thinking they not be.

Also check for continuity between metal case and negative terminal.

Otherwise, one would need to go through an inverting SMPS to get -15V out, which could get spendy.

How adept are you with electronics? Soldering, measuring, etc.?


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before thatoneguy goes into something you don't need...
If all you need is to power a single isolated device that requires -15VDC and you only have a +15VDC supply you can simply switch the leads..