Vary Hexfet output with a POT/voltage divider

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Is it possible to vary the output of a Hexfet with a pot/voltage divider.

I know the fet will get hot like a transistor.


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Yes, it will work.
The Fet will get hot as it is in the "linear" range.

BTW what kind of Fet did you have in mind to use?



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Yes, you can. But, it is better to use PWM with an output filter.

With PWM, the MOSFET is either ON or OFF.

If used in the linear region, it will dissipate power as heat, which is generally considered wasteful - unless your room is cold.

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I know PWM is better but at the moment i dont have a way to generate a PWM signal.

Do you know of diagrams showing a mosfet in a liner setup.

What i have notices is that the adjustment is a very small part of the pot.


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