Varnish on Transformer??

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We are not on your board of directors or in any way connected with your manufacturing firm. It would be highly inapropriate for us to give advice on your responsibilities in that area.


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I have a transformer specification form my customer and is going to produce this transformer in our factory. The specification doesn't mention that this transformer to do varnish. Do I still need to varnish this transformer if customer's specification doesn't require?
I am curious to know why you just can't ask your customer this question - it is perfectly legitimate to raise these issues early in a project specification. Let them know what the benefits are to them and what impact it will have on the project, e.g. costs, time etc, and let them decide - afterall it is your customer that will kick-off if you don't satisfy their expectations because you didn't clarify their specification.



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The query posed wasn't for more information, the why's of using the laminate.

I took your question as you asking the members whether or not to laminate, which has been pointed out, that is the customer's decision. Your providing your customer with a product according to the customer's specifications. This detail should have been worked out earlier in the negotiations.

The why's to use laminate is a perfectly good question.

Using laminate to satisfy your customer's requirements isn't one for us to answer.
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