Variably timed charger

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    I have a push mower that has a 6.5 horse gas engine with 12Volt DC electric starter and wall wort charger that Toro (the maker of my mower) provided with it. The battery is to be charged for 24 to 72 hours. The charger is just a wall wart. So basically i would like a way to have a timer that i can adjust the time from 1 hour up to 72 hours, but have it so that when the time runs out that the timer cuts the AC supply to the charger and i also need to be able to have the timer be portable so that if needed i can take it to other peoples houses to use like a regular battery charger (Like to charge my Grandpa's tractor battery and not have to worry about forgetting to unplug the charger if i forget or am not there when time is up.
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