variable pulse width modulator

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I've done a project about variable pulse width modulator and a use a UJT 2N2646 as a pulse generator. Since the output of the b1 of the UJT is DC, i used isolation transformer to isolate the DC and AC as the output of higher voltage which i used in controlling AC motor.
I am asking if it is possible that i could use a 555 timer as pulse generator and i will use isolation transformer to isolate DC and AC voltage into higher.

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What kind of motor? What kind of voltage (how much)? What frequency?

This doesn't sound like it has much to do with the subject of this thread, which makes it borderline hijacking. A thread belongs to the OP (original poster). When you start a thread it is yours. Hijacking is the attempt to take over a thread for your own purposes, and is frowned on.

I have seen several designs of 555 inverters, I wasn't impressed with them, but they did work.

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