variable input (3phase, vary frequency) to constant output

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Currently I am trying to simulate a convert circuit.

The circuit can convert a variable 3 phase input (variable frequency) to a constant 3 phase output with fixed frequency.

I think the topology should be using 3 phase rectify bridge to rectify the input, and then using boost circuit to obtain constant DC volage, and finally using PWM to obtain 3 phase output voltage with fixed frequency.

Any suggestion for the topolgy, chips for boost and PWM? any good simulation software for my purpose? I know one (PSIM), but it costs a lot.

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LTspiceIV is a good program. It's completely free, though the disadvantage is you'll only find Linear Technologies' chips and a few other common chips such as the NE555 in it.

I've also heard good things about TINA.

From my limited knowledge on the subject, the dsPIC30F microcontroller series can act as an SMPS controller. Then you can combine all your features into software.