Variable frequency AC power supply with DC offset

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Hi all,

I'm searching soms schematics or circuits for a variable frequency AC power supply (sine wave) with variable DC offset.

Needed Specs :
freq : about 0~10kHz, 3A current max, 100V pp max

Maybe this thing I'm searching for has a specific name but I don't know the name (if it has some).

I tried following approaches :
a) searching for a function/awg generator circuit with heavy duty output.
b) using a function generator with an audio amplifier
c) using a VLF transmitter

With approaches b) & c) there's no DC offset possible :s

Now this question is not a question to exactly describing such supply, but rather for pointing me in the right direction.



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Output circuit is basically an audio amp, you may want to have it dc coupled. This sucker is in the 200 - 300 watt range so amp is substantial and will need at least a 100 v power supply. You could build one and get just what you want or buy and see how close you can come. Are you sure this is a circuit you want? ( can you tell us what for )?

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Maybe I can use an 100V PA amp.
The reason why I need this is for an hobby experiment.
Basically I want to run AC AND DC over 1 cable pair so I can split it at about 2m further in pure AC and pure DC.

I know it's much easier to use 2 cable pairs (one for AC & one for DC) but hey, I'm just experimenting ,)

Edit 1 : a 100V pa amp won't do the trick, all 100v pa amplifiers I saw have an step-up transformer on the output :s
Edit 2 : what I'm looking for is a circuit/schematic for something like this :
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