Variable 12V LED flasher

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So I am trying to create a flasher circuit to power 6 12V LEDs from a 12V power source. I'm thinking I want around a 5hz frequency. I was also thinking about a variable flash rate using a rheostat/pot. Can someone point me in the right direction?

Most of the LED flasher topics I found were based on 3V LEDs. But, my LEDs are 12V and I'm not sure how this changes things. I'm looked at circuits and I'm not totally clear on the purpose of some of the resistors.

Would a transistor circuit be most reliable. I looked at 555, but I wasn't sure if it can be used on a 12V LED.

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Yes, 555 will handle 12 V just fine.

There is no such thing as a 12V LED, you have modules that have resistors included. LEDs drop voltage, but are current regulated. The resistor already included in your module has been calculated at the correct value for 12 V.

Here is a tutorial I've written, it should give you what you need.

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