Van de Graaf advice sought.

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Just some basic questions on a Van de Graaf generator and its ESDs.

1) In your opinon, if I have a cochlear implant and pacemaker, might either suffer damage or otherwise be affected by a 14"-high, home-hobbyist-model-sized, Van de Graaf generator (as yet unordered) that can emit ESDs @ approx. 300–400 kv?

2) If so affected, how might a cochlear implant or pacemaker be affected, and to what extent?

3) Also, would the ESD need to impact directly onto the implant site, or would an ESD at that voltage simply need to travel through the ungrounded body to affect the implant?

4) What would be the general adverse effects of an ESD at 300–400 kv on my ungrounded body that hits, say, my head?

Many sincere thanks in advance for any and all helpful replies!


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It's your first post on this forum and you have a pacemaker and cochlear implant, both VERY invasive and expensive medical procedures, and you want random forum nerds to tell you if it's OK to zap yourself with 400 kV from a high voltage source? :(


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Trolling or not, this site doesn't even do car tail light modifications. Medical advice will not be easy to get here.


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If you have a medical implant or pacemaker this is not the proper avenue to seek advice.
I am closing this thread temporarily until the moderators get a chance to confer on the matter.
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