Values of resistors

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Hey folks c'mon! Why isn't anyone replying???

I know I am new in here, so what?


Originally posted by circuitmaster@Sep 27 2004, 11:10 PM


Could anyone please have a look at the attached file and roughly suggest a way of solving the Q. 5.

Thanks.  :p
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This looks like something I am doing in survey of electronics. But I am struggling, because it is reminding me of digital electronics and it's only confusing me. Mainly because there is only 30 minutes between the classes. So I wish I could help, but I can't.


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i know this post must be a lil too late to be of any use to u...circuitmaster
but i had this problem runnin in my head for quite some time now and when i finally sat down to crack it it seemed too easy to be true(ie of course if my answers are right)
the answers are R1= 667 ohms
R2= 2.5kohms

the solution turned out ot be a fairly easy nodal analysis problem --- the only tricky part being that one had to equate current entering the battery to the current leaving it.

well circuitmaster....rather than rely soo heavily on the forum for ur homework i d recommed u read ur textbook throughly well and understand every word every definition in it.