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    Apr 27, 2011

    I have a Miele vacuum cleaner which started to run slowly and emit a burning smell. It was a great cleaner and so I'd like to repair it.

    Having taken it apart I can see the motor capacitor has overheated, the plastic casing has popped open and is scorched.

    The capacitor has 3 terminals and is labelled as follows:

    250v HMF 25/100/21 0.2uf + 2x2400pf X1Y BV8.455.5

    I tried searching for an exact replacement, but with no success, the cleaner is about 14 years old and so maybe they are now in short supply.

    Does anyone know please where I might be able to buy an equivalent capacitor?

    I also read on another forum that you really only need a single 0.2uf capacitor rated at 250v, since the additional 2x2400pf caps in this package just refine it's filtering characteristics?

    If I replaced this with a single capacitor 0.2uf 250V, what type would you recommend, presumably it would need high heat resistance?

    Thanks for any advice :)
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    Jul 18, 2013
    If this is a usual Universe series wound motor, the caps are usually there for brush spark elimination or noise prevention, unless it is a split phase motor, very unusual for a vacuum cleaner.
    You can make one up from the suitable values using AC rated caps, preferably motor run rated.
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