V and I in RL and RC circuit

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I am really trying here not to get another thread closed!
I am trying to analyse the circuit (attached). Am I going about this all wrong? I am trying to find the voltages and currents in the RL circuit (left hand side part) and the same in the RC circuit (i.e Vrl and Vrc)

I would appreciate any pointers.

Vi (the sinusoidal voltage source) is not given, only w (omega) at 10,000 rad/sec.

I know that Vi can be represented by it's magnitude (unknown) and a phase eg Vi = V + j0 , so I tried calculating I1 in the left hand branch (see 2nd attachment) - I got some weird answer.

Can anyone give me direction.



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Have you tried opening these files from the forum? I get an error message: This file could not be found.

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OK, I can see them now. In the first one, the only math error I see is that you multiplied 1k*1k and got 10,000,000. You might want to think about that. :)
In the second one, do you know the diode equation? Do you know how to derive dynamic resistance from it? Do you know what the typical voltage drop of a (presumably Silicon) diode is?