UV Light linked to sensor

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    May 15, 2013
    Hi everyone,

    I am currently undertaking a school project involving a self-sanitizing door handle. The handle uses an internal UVC light surrounded by a quartz tube.

    For safety reasons:

    I need the light to become isolated as soon as somebody activates a PIR sensor.
    10 seconds after the PIR is activated I want the that light to be switched on for 10 seconds.
    Once the 10 seconds is up I want the light to turn off. Hence the cycle starts again.

    This cycle will essentially sanitizes the handle after each use.

    I purchased a UV light that is meant to be used in cleaning fish tanks and has come with it's own circuit board. The input for the light is a standard 240V power point connection.

    I would really appreciate some guidance here as I have limited knowledge in the electronic world.