USSR Military Laser RangeFinder To Repair !!!!

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Hi Everyone ... i want a help in knowing how this thing work (in the circuit level electronically) to know how to repair it myself ... i know that it cost so much but i want to repair it myself ... ;D ... So this is a USSR Military Laser RangeFinder that i found it in the dark market >:D
So this is my questions :
1- How to Know The Voltage that this will work on it ??? Cause it work on Military Batteries and i don't know how much voltage does this provide
2- I think the Capacitor is Not Working
3- In the images below i want to know what does every circuit or module do ???? ^-^
4- Could i put the laser transmitter in Arduino ??? Or could i make with this parts a new rangefinder but with arduino or raspberry Pi ... This RangeFinder work on the analog system how could i make a new one on digital system with Arduino ???
5- Enyone how know anything about this device : please share with us your experience !!! and Thx !!!



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Interesting. The Ljubljana factory label is the only indication of USSR origin. The rest of the markings are non-Russian, and the ICs are mainly TI ones!
How do you know it needs repairing?
Without a schematic there's not much chance of working out in detail what each part of the circuit does :(.
I think you should learn electronics and not to jump on the "feed me" bandwagon. search little by little what every component has, run the COB traces to find how everything is connected and using a multimeter look for shorted connections (which are fatal)

After all that is done, you can start looking around for what needs to be changed effectively instead of going "I think the caps are not working" for no reason, also I honestly think you'll have a bad time finding the components you need to fix this (except for the LIPO, that looks normal to me.)

To find out what voltage it needs, go by Li-Po standards of 3.6 V, 7.2 V, 11.1 V and so on.


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hi 13,
I would advise extreme caution if you intend to power up the laser section.
Many military lasers have a high power output laser which could blind you in seconds.
As you may know it will most likely be a IR lasing diode, typically in the 904 nM range, so you will not be able to see the laser beam.

I designed and manufactured pulsed laser ranger products for many years, my best advise would be to not to attempt to repair it.