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    i'm working on an older system and would like to learn some more about scsi. i know some of the basics of it like each divice uses a usniqe id on that bus and conecting it to divices. i have an old server with 4 hot swap scsi drives and 2 internals. the system has 2 integrated ultra scsi on the motherboard and a card i beleve that is a raid controler and has its own special ram. this goes to the hot swap bays. is scsi similar to ide where the OS drive must be on a primary slot equivilent or will any slot work? most the drives only have scsi ids from 0-4 but a few had jumpers seting like 1,2,3 would that then make the id 6 because theyd add together? does the id of a divice matter when selecting the port to use on the cable? like must the got from motherboard side start at 1 then go up till the end is reached. or can this be reversed or just random provided the id is unique? also dont have any documentation on any divices or controler. this is my first time working with this i have also seen some new settings in the scsi select program.
    any tips apreciated. had a prety hard time finding much other than basics online about scsi.
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