using Rogowski Coil

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Hi guys, i'm new to this forum, so please guide me if i'm doing something wrong.

I want to create this project and I have done some research.

The most appropriate method (i think) would be using Rogowski coil.

My requirements are:
current range should be = 0.1mA - 10A.
frequency should be = 10Hz - 60Hz

kindly help/guide me if anyone of you had done/completed this project before.

I would be glad if anyone of you would like to help/guide me.


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You seem to miss the point. How can we tell if you are doing something wrong, if you haven't done anything yet?

Obviously, you have made a great start. Have you read the 5 messages on this forum with related questions? Do you have any questions about them?



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i just want to know "who did how"..that will help me alot
While there are several people here who understand the physics of that device and can certainly give you advice to help you build one, if you want someone who has actually built one to take you step-by-step through the process, it might be better to search on sites devoted to that gadget.

Have you searched on "rogowski coil blog?" There are quite a few sites where you might find people who have actually built the design you want. The links on AAC are all quite old, and its been >24 hours with no,"I built one" response.