Using RF to send/receive wireless signal

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Hi Guys,

I am looking for a low cost wireless RF solution to send 0V/5V indicating open/close. Basically I want to do this, send +5/0V-> Transmitter -> Receiver->

How can i do this? I dont want to use off the shelf products but integrate a RF transmitter/receiver chip into my existing PCB schematic. Please help.

433MHz transmitters and receivers are dirt cheap. But they're designed to send data very slowly not be continuously on. Does your project have a microcontroller with a free data pin?


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Building RF circuits for the unlicensed ISM bands is challenging in terms of component selection, board layout, and debugging. It is hard to get reliable and consistent results on a breadboard. You will get there faster by getting an amateur radio license and starting with lower frequency circuits in the 1.8 to 14.350 MHz. range. VHF and UHF will come later, but be prepared to open your wallet to play in that pond.

Schematics - ARRL Handbook and associated publications.