using relays to control solenoid valves

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  1. ukesh

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    Sep 30, 2009
    hey guys!
    Basically I'm building an battle robot. For the weapon I'm planning to use flipper using a pneumatic system. I'm having some doubts regarding the usage of solenoid valves. I heard that there are two ways of controlling the solenoid valves. One is by using transistors through micro controllers and the other is by using relays. Since i want the bot to be remote controlled (RF Remote) I guess relay is the only option. I'm planning to buy this type of solenoid valve
    There, they have two terminal options available, Which one should i choose and what are the differences between them? (Sorry for my noobishness)
    What i want is when a button is pushed on a remote, the valve must be opened. For this type of arrangement what are the necessary circuits to be made and what type of relays must be used?

    Can a local remote from an RC car bes used to control a relay?

  2. GetDeviceInfo

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    Jun 7, 2009
    don't know it's current rating, but don't bother with relay. Go with solid state.

    connects as a plug in configuration, again don't bother as it'll cost you for the other side, go with wire leads.

    If your going to dive into such a project, you might want to skipe the RF and develop the base first.
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    Oct 1, 2009
    I think you can use LCD or light detection circuit to control your robot arm. It provides you remote control action like Television when use depress remote button to start the TV.
    Light detector or LCD will be series with solenoid circuit & works as a switch.As soon as it detects the light it closes the circuit & solenoid comes in to action.So robot arm is lifted pneumatically.
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    Sep 30, 2009
    thnx for replying guys! Okay first i think il complete the pneumatic control and then about remotely controlling. So, i googled about using relays to control solenoid valves but i didnt get much information. Can u guys explain the terminals in an relay and how to connect them to the solenoid valve?

    okay i found this type of an relay. But it is basically to control a motor.
    say i connect the 2 terminals from the solenoid valve to the motor terminals(say motor 1)terminal on the board and connect pin 1 & pin 2 terminals to the rc receiver circuit from an toy car and use the transmitter to operate, will the relay work?
  5. Wendy


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    I was deep into that hobby for a while, even stood as president of SWARC (SouthWest Association of Robotic Combat). What's your weight class?

    It was great while it lasted, we even had a 24'X24'X8' combat arena. Got some cool pics, and meet a couple of the major names.

    There are DC solid state relays, which can fill the gap your looking for nicely.
  6. ukesh

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    Sep 30, 2009
    Cool man! My weight class is 40 kgs max

    I looked into those and it seems those relays must be bought for required current ratings. How do i select the current rating to use with my solenoid valves?

    Those relays have four terminals, 2 for supply and 2 for load. I connect the load terminals to the valve and supply terminals to the battery via a switch. If I ON the switch will the valve be activated?

    For activating a solenoid valve operating with 12VDC i should buy a DC to DC solid state relay?
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