Using RCA audio adapters with bare wire speakers

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I have a pair of old boom box speakers with bare wire connectors that I want to use with my Plasma TV. The TV has RCA connectors.

How do I rig the bare speaker wires with the RCA plugs?

I have some extra RCA cables that I can scavage to marry the two.

I know the speakers have + and - connectors.

I've tried it a couple of ways with no success, but maybe it's just been a long day...

The TV is hooked up to Direct TV as well, should I hook the speakers into the Direct TV box, or into the TV itself?



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RCA jacks are pretty straight-forward. Center pin +, outside ring -

unless the TV has amplified output jacks on it you will have to put an amplifier between the TV output jacks and the speakers.

test the speakers on another piece of audio gear, or a 1.5 volt battery (testing the voice coil), to verify they are functioning.
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