using nRF24LU1+ for wireless optical mouse

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I have this old PS2 port optical mouse which i have to CONVERT to wireless via Rf interfacing. NO I DON"T HAVE TO BUY ONE.

i am planning to use a large chunk of the hardware available as i don't want too much unnecessary microprocessor programming. The mouse controller has obviously two data pins and thus a tx-rx 433 pair which i have of some kit will be incapable (it has only one data transmitter).

I have finalized on nRF24LU1+ ( ) in my inexperienced mind after reading through hundreds of data sheets. Now i need a guide (a practical DIY types) where i can understand from a transmitter/transceiver of the same family as above, how can i send the data of the mouse to this dongle. I know c/c++ pretty well and i want to know what exactly will i need to code into the final stuff and how do i burn the code there.