Using nixe volt-meter as display (AVR) using voltage regulator

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I have question.
I have cool nixe based volt-meter (4V) 4 digits.
For example if we put 4V we get 4.000V
If we put 1V we have 1.000V

Is possible to get voltage regulator what will allow me to drive this display ?

For example, get precision 5V voltage source.
Using precision pot, set 4V.
And put big capacitor for example 0.1F
And 1K digital pot.

Then using AVR (ATmega8) connecto to something called digital potentiometer (?), and create function what will adjust resistance, to make voltage divider.

So for example if i want display value 100, i need get 100mV at output.
So we have to set right value on digital pot, and we have working ?

Question is, is it possible to do this ?

I would like give a try, even if results will be not precision!
Just to learn something interesting...

Problem is, i never use digital pot... never ever... in my life
I don't know how precision is it in real live, how to controll this in C (WinAvr).

If anyone have move, or ebook with this exampled.
Please share with me.

Just right now, at this moment... we should be able to controol that pot.
I don't have it, already... i just need to talk with someone...



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Once you have it driven, what are you going to have it do?
I feel like you're not going to be able to control voltage to within one thousandth of a volt very well.


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Yes, it is possible to control a digital pot. But you do not need a digital pot to get an analog output. You can also use PWM output to get an analog output.
In either case you may not get the precise reading that you desire.
To get complete control of the nixie tube output it might be possible to interface directly with the nixie tubes.

As magnet18 says, you need to plan what you really want to do with the display.