Using Monte Carlo Simulation to Model Dimaggio's hitting streak

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    Feb 1, 2012
    Hey guys, this is due at midnight so not sure how much input I'll be able to get, but I appreciate it in advance. Here is the situation: We were asked to model Joe Dimaggio's (JD) hit streak using Monte Carlo simulation to determine how rare this streak actually is. A quick rundown of what I have done so far.

    1A) JD had a lifetime batting average of .325 so if less than or equal to .3225 we assign our variable as a hit(1) greater than (0). Write a code that will simulate 10 at bats.

    Answer: function BA=hits2(Natbats, p)
    x=rand(1, Natbats);

    1B) Write a line of code that simulates an entire season of at bats.

    Answer: function BA2=hits2(p)
    x=rand (4, 154); %four at bats per game for 154 games

    1C) Find out if each game had at least 1 hit in it.

    Answer: stored the above output (1B) as season. Used any(season) to get new output and stored this output as B.

    1D)What was the longest streak in the season?

    Answer: created a function called runLength:

    function out=runLength(binaryData)
    %function out=runLength(binaryData)

    if size(binaryData,2)==1,

    out = diff([0 find(binaryData(1:end-1)~=binaryData(2:end)) length(binaryData)]);

    Then---> streak=runLength(B) (provides a list of consecutive 1s)
    Then---->max (streak) provides us with the longest hitting game streak in a season ans=15.

    1E)Now right a for loop that simulates 10,000 seasons. I.E. right a loop that will repeat steps B-D 10,000 times and store the biggest streak for each season in a a vector called streaks.

    THIS IS WHERE I AM CONFUSED. I'm terrible with for loops.

    my attempt: for i=1:10000

    Any suggestions? I know its long, but all help would be appreciated!
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    Feb 1, 2012
    Sorry this is in MATLAB by the way.
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    I 'm afraid this is too specific for a general electronics forum. We do microcontrollers and electric projects pretty in-depth, but software isn't AAC's strong suit.

    I 'd try in a math forum if I were you. But your deadline is pretty dead by now, sadly.

    Have a nice day.
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