Using DC Generator as input to MPPT Charge Controller

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I need to charge a battery from a DC generator (DC motor used as generator). The voltage can get up to 40V and the current up to 4A. At first, I planned to use a buck converter to maintain the voltage at 5V an then power the charge controller with that 5V, but I found on internet that MPPT charge controllers can already do this (regulate the voltage). Can I directly connect the DC generator to an MPPT charge controller without any risk of damaging the battery?



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Not quite. An MPPT controller varies its load to find the maximum power point, usually for Solar PV panels where the voltage v current is a non-linear relationship depending on radiance level, but increasing amps always decreases volts and vice-versa. Solar MPPT controllers charge 12 or 24v battery banks of several kW.

That's not the case with a generator, increasing speed increases volts, but also increases available amps. Connecting generator to a Solar MPPT will likely do it some damage (though there's some views otherwise out on the web, the majority suggest not).

If your generator can deliver 160W, charging a sub-5v (i'm guessing) Li-ion cell is a bit wasteful... you should be aiming bigger! but if thats all you want to do then the buck converter is as good a a way as any.

There are specific wind MPPT charge controllers, but again they expect bigger batteries, typically 12 or 24v.