using circuit maker to draw a resistor at 45 degrees

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This is my first post I think. I tried to post a new thread and got 2 errors
so I am sorry if it is posted twice. My ? is can you draw a resistor or wire
at 45 degrees like in a bridge circuit using CIRCUIT MAKER.

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I just started using CIRCUIT MAKER so I will have to read about making
a new part. Can you recommend another free electronics simulator that can
draw resistors at a 45 degree angle. Thank you


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LTSpice is good and free. Google "LTSpice download". It does not have provisions for rotating components at other than 90°, but you can make your own symbols that are rotated. The CircuitMaker user interface kind of spoils you, it's pretty good. The LTSpice user interface is a bit quirky; it just takes some time to get used to it.

CircuitMaker is no longer supported, so it's pretty much a dead end.


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I think LTSpice is great even without considering it's free. I've used a few other non-free simulators and I still like LTSpice better.

It certainly is quirky, but the interface is designed for simulation, not drawing circuits. Once you get used to it, you find it draws circuits well enough and the way it handles those mousey clicks is superior for simulation.

Like SgtWookie said, you can make your own symbols and there's no limitation there. Though, I don't see why it would matter unless you're looking to produce an image of a schematic. In that case, you would not want to use a SPICE program for that.