using an infrared repeater on an infrared receiver to control a motor

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    Mar 2, 2013
    ok, first of all...i'm not sure of the exact difference between an "infrared repeater" or "infrared extender" but it's function is to do what's described here in this link:
    or in this link as well:

    What I want to do is control a DC motor interfaced with an infrared receiver by using an infrared transmitter in another room without any wires. It's the same as saying you want to control your television (changing volume/channel or turning it on/off) through your remote control by being in another room. Problem is I can't find any repeaters that would do this for a DC motor. I am planning on borrowing the techniques described in this link to recreate the exact replica in order to make my own infrared transmitter / receiver combination :

    so I have chosen a picaxe microcontroller over basic stamp microcontroller but I'm not sure which one is more easier to implement. But the goal is the same: to use an infrared transmitter (which could be an existing sony remote control) to control a DC motor that is interfaced with an infrared receiver placed in another room, without the use of any wires. Is this possible?
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    It should be possible to make (or even buy) a "dumb" IR repeater.

    All it needs is a 3pin IR sensor, and a 555 oscillator making about 39kHz, going to an IR LED.

    Any type of signal the IR sensor 'sees" will simply be reproduced in the other room by the IR LED.

    You could google for "simple IR extender circuit" or "simple IR repeater circuit", something like that.