Using ADC in 8051

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    Jul 4, 2010
    hey frends...m new to this blog...i m doin 8051 based project...interfacing it wit ADC 0804...i have to display the 8 bit output of ADC into PC using 8051 seial communication via RS232...i m done with the hardware interfacing..but i have no idea about how to write program of interfacin ADC and serial PC and embedd that a program in 8051...can n e 1 help giving me entire program along with system programming..pls i hv vry limited time...thnx
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    the ADC 0804 may or maynot be your best choice. There are many I2C devices that will make both hard and software easier to implement.

    Will the data be requested from the PC, or will the embedded continously transmit it's data?

    Expdient aquisition of an operating system can best be had by purchasing a complete unit, of which many exsist.