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Everyone in this forum has been very helpful to me in the past, so I humbly post another dilemma.

I need to create a user interface menu for my recent application. I am using a 5 button configuration as the only interface available to the user. I have 2 primary functions which require increment/decrement capabilities with a one touch press therefore, my functions are as follows:

button 1 Function 1 UP
button 2 Function 1 Down
button 3 Function 2 UP
button 4 Function 2 Down
button 5 Enter/Menu

The problem is that I have 2 levels of menus which can be accessed. I can use a momentary button press of button 5 to enter one menu, and a 2 button combination press to enter the other menu. My question is what is the best way to structure the multiple "if" statements, or should I use something else like switch statements, or some other process. I am relatively new to this stuff, and I am only fluent in my CCS pic C compiler language. If anyone has any insight into an easier way to structure a menu with approximately 5 different user-selectable options on 2 different menu levels without drowning me in if statements, I would be grateful to hear from you.

Thanks for the help.

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Nobody has any suggestions on structuring a multi-level user menu to work with a pic microcontroller?

Please...I am in real need of any suggestions.

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